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Farrah Abraham's Ex-boyfriend Daniel On Surprise Couples Therapy Appearance: I Wanted To Help Her

Which brings us to her ex-lover, Daniel Alvarez. Daniel and Farrah dated back in the golden days, but they had a pretty nasty breakup after Farrah scared Daniel off during a paddle boat ride from hell. Farrah wanted her man to commit, and he just wasn't ready partially because they'd only been dating for a few months (if that!). Apparently, Couples Therapy shrink, Dr. Jenn Berman, thought a Daniel + Farrah reunion could shed some light on moved here why Farrah's boyfriends keep ditching her, and not gonna to learn more lie: We were shocked moved here to see this dashing gent back on the small screen. Last time we checked, Farrah and Daniel didn't exactly get along so why did he agree to an appearance on Couples Therapy?! I agreed to appear on the show because I saw an opportunity for me to clear the air regarding Farrah and Is past relationship, Daniel tells The Ashley's Reality Roundup .
Read more http://www.wetpaint.com/farrah-abraham/articles/2014-01-10-farrah-abraham-boyfriend-daniel-alvarez

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